Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I'm happy because my friends are happy..

I have 2 friends likes to drink (All-you-can-drink) and eat (All-you can-eat) with me. We use to eat breakfast and lunch together when i'm holiday. In Japanese language we call it Nomihoudai and Tabehoudai. One of my friend she can drink 15 cups of tea, coffee and juice.They went to do part time job on 20Jan2009. This is the first work for one of my friends. Their part time job was "Chinese victim in the fire drill".. they speak chinese language only and the fireman needs to understand what they are talking. Their started to work at 9:00AM and finished at 14:00PM and they received 8,000yen per person. Also they have 1 hour lunch time with free delicious lunch box. Also they received a souvenir such as manual book of the fire drill, files and bags. The most important thing is they able to learn various criticism methods. They had experienced how to survival from the dark smoke when fire, strong wing when typhoon and around 8 degree earthquake.According to my friends that this work is very easy and relax, beside can gain a lot of knowledges. I'm happy when i saw them happy.. We laugh a lot because we feel that "There is work that can be earned so easy in this world." Hope their can find more this kind of part time job.